Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September 26th Log

2007, Quentin Tarantino, United States

1st Viewing, DVD

I don’t like the idea of the two Grindhouse films splitting apart. Death Proof is a fun film for the most part and Quentin Tarantino’s strength with dialogue, with sound, and especially with music are apparent as ever here. Ultimately this is nothing more the parody, even moreso then anything else Tarantino as done. What this film lacks is the absorbing connection you get with the films being reimagined and homged here. The times Death Proof reaches this is whenever Kurt Russell is onscreen. Playing a collective take of his early persona, Russell is the highlight of this otherwise average film. Playing the type of role her excels in, Russell provides all of the films energy and emotion. Death Proof is well made, dividing the look of the first half with a grainy flawed grindhouse feel, before turning it into a more skillfully shot road revenge action film. Death Proof is well worth watching and is a lot of fun, but besides Russell and the soundtrack it lacks the energy and human emotion that is usually present in a Tarantino film.


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