Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 24th Log

2004, Richard Linklater, United States
Repeat Viewing, HBO

"I don't have any permanent place her. In eternity or whatever, and the more I think that I can't go through life saying this is no big deal. This is it! This is actually happening. What do you think is interesting? What do you think is funny? What do you think is important? Every day is our last." Anytime I see this film coming on, I can’t resist… To me it is 77 minutes of cinematic perfection and a film I absolutely consider one of my all-time favorites from any decade/country/etc. It really is perfection. Such a simple film but one that emerges layers and layers of depth on human and spiritual levels. I love this film so much and will continue to rewatch it over and over everytime feeling differently or perhaps breathtakingly curious about what continues after the fade to black over Nina Simone singing “Just in Time”… and I love that the curiosity will never go away!!!


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