Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September 18th Log

2001, Jun Ichikawa, Japan

Repeat Viewing, DVD

Even at just 75 minutes, Tony Takitani is a touching film of complex and deep emotion levels. It is such a simple and quiet film that delves so deep into its character and ultimately becomes a very unique portrayal of loneliness. Most notably the film captures the loneliness and emotional state of it's title character (played by Issei Ogata). However, it also captures this sense of loneliness in the young woman he falls in love who's connection with life is her obsession to shop for clothes. It is when Tony falls in love with this woman that he realizes his loneliness prior and that losing her would put him into an isolated state he couldn't control. Tony Takitani is made at an elegant pace. Director Jun Ichikawa presents a very unique style that includes a voice-over narrator throughout with the characters occasionally narrating as the film is progressing. The film also features consistent profile and parallel tracking shots as transitions, close-up shots of feet/shoes, a dull almost black and white visual color, and a couple trademark Ozu-like shots (including smoke pipes, and low angle compositions from the top of a Japanese hill). Tony Takitani is a beautifully made, and heartbreaking film. It is a quiet film, but the emotional depths speak volumes.


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