Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12th Log

1943, Vincent Sherman, Unite States
1st Viewing, Turner Classic Movies

Warner Brothers first offered the script of The Hard Way (as they always did) to Bette Davis, who turned down the role. Afterwards Davis admitted she made mistake. The part went to the highly underrated Ida Lupino. Though underappreciated in her time, Lupino was a great actress. She was at her best when given a performance with passion and aggression, as she is here as Helen Chernen (an ambitious woman that will stop at nothing to see her little sister become a star, even if it hurts the lives of others around her). The film begins with Helen jumping into the river before flashing us back to how she got there. The film is said to be loosely based off of the mother-daughter relationship of Ginger Rogers, who’s mother was determined to make a star (the film only suggests this, though Ginger Rogers name is mentioned directly in the film). Here Lupino plays the sister of star-to-be (played by Joan Leslie). It’s an excellent performance by Lupino, who was truly a unique talent in Hollywood. Sadly this was the only film she ever received accolades for winning the New York Film Critics Best Actress of the Year award.


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