Saturday, June 9, 2007

June 9th Log

1976, Elaine May, United States

1st Viewing, DVD

Mikey and Nicky is a film that was discarded by Paramount Studios in 1976 because they deemed it uncommercial. After two successful comedies this marked the third of four films Elaine May directed. Starring John Cassavetes and Peter Faulk the film certainly had a style and presence of being a Cassavetes film (documentary cinematography, seemingly improvisational dialogue, atmospheric locations). Essentially Mikey and Nicky gives a feminine sensibility to the Cassavetes film. May presents the characters with a sense of tenderness in that they are misbehaved, stubborn little children living in an adult world. May also captures this by making it darkly comical underneath the surface of what is truly an angry and tragic relationship between two men. The film is structured with a narrative of little plot, yet there is a deeply profound and almost poetic depth to the two characters and their adult friendship amongst the harsh realities of the real world. Ultimately the film is a brutally tragic and sad film that becomes a reflection of the two characters long friendship from childhood.

2006, Anthony and Joe Russo, United States
1st Viewing, HBO

I did not like this one bit. The funniest line was a reference to Raging Bull and the best moment was a clip from Roman Holiday, but all it did was increase my longing to be watching one of those films.


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