Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10th Log

2007, Marc Lawrence, United States
1st Viewing, DVD

Music and Lyrics opens as a music video straight out of the 80s with a catchy song ‘Pops Goes My Heart’. It’s a funny parody video and sets the tone for what it is surprising witty and charming romantic comedy. Drew Barrymore And Hugh Grant have been in a fair share of these genre films, but they really do excel in them. Barrymore is especially likable in just about everything, and she is wonderful alongside Grant here. Grant is given the meatier role and his makes use of it with his typical insightful comic timing. While perhaps not inventive in any way, the film really has charm and laughs. The music and lyrics as a metaphor for relationships is evident in the theme, but really only subtly applied giving the film an intelligent and unforced quality. It doesn’t resort to cheap laughs at the expense of its characters. You genuinely like the people in the film in a way that is reminiscent of old-fashioned Hollywood romance and comedy.

1951, Jean Renoir, France / India / United States
Repeat Viewing, DVD

Jean Renoir's 1951 The River is a film of incredible grace and beauty. This is Renoir's first color film (shot in glorious Technicolor), and it also marks one of his earliest English-language film. The River captures the essence and delicateness of humanity with utter perfection. Shot entirely on location in India, Renoir makes the film with insight, respect, and authenticity. The River displays the truth of human emotions, and through the films imagery and narration, a reflection of living and culture. The river in many ways symbolically represents the cycle of living and a connection of life for the films characters. Also, like theriver, the film beautifully flows. Renoir rates among the most important filmmakers of cinema, and though The River may not quite be in the class of his landmark achievements (Grand Illusion, Rules of the Game), it remains among his greatest films. A film that captures the beauty and reality of human emotions and life, as well as culture.


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