Monday, May 7, 2007

May 7th Log

1939, Jean Renoir, France
Repeat Viewing, DVD

French master filmmaker Jean Renoir is among the mostimportant and influential filmmakers in history. His 1939 film Rules of the Game is often considered among the tengreatest films of all-time. That should be enough reason foranyone, especially those who appreciate cinema and it's history, to at least see this film. Though I think it's lost alittle (very little) impact over the years, and don't think it's Renoir's best work (that would be Grand Illusion), it's still a fascinating film to experience and a landmark of cinema. In fact, I'd probably say this film is flawless in all aspects of filmmaking. The inventive cinematography, perfect blend of comedy and drama, and bold French society social commentary remain brilliant. Ultimately the film observes a man who chooses to defy high-class societies standards (or rules of the game) through love and the result is a failing and tragic one. Renoir's style has, and still is influencing some of cinema's great filmmakers (Francois Truffuat, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson, among many others), and Rules of the Game has been referenced, homaged, or imitated in someform or another. The Rules of the Game is a masterpiece of film history from a master filmmaker of human emotions and morality. Anyone interested in films, absolutely must experience this classic once. "That's become rare."


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