Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 25th Log

1995, Alfonso Cuaron, United States
Repeat Viewing, Encore

A Little Princess begins with an Iris-In shot of a magical world of wonder. This world is one of storytelling by that of a young girl, Sara Crewe. Sara is an imaginative, intelligent girl who's living in India with her father. World War I forces Sara's father to move her to a New York Boarding school, which is run by the strict and cruel Miss Minchin. Simple as it may be, A Little Princess is absolutely enchanting and will connect on all emotional levels (be it tension, joy, laughter, fear, heartbreak, etc). It's a film of imagination, storytelling, strong will, courage, charm, and kindness. There is not one dull moment. Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron's direction (in his first American film) is outstanding as the film features a flawless pace and some dazzling, sweeping camera movements which heighten the magical atmosphere of the film. Cuaron also manages to get terrific performances from his young actors (of course, most notably that of Liesel Matthews as Sara). There's really so much to love about this film. There are some moments that will absolutely touch you with happiness, warmth, and joy. The ending is especially moving, and even though you see it coming, the impact is undeniable and guaranteed to pull you in. A Little Princess is a film for everyone (all ages!) as it speaks on universal themes and emotions of dreams, wishes, innocence, adventure, and imagination. This is a magical film that will forever remain a timeless classic for all to admire. And, Iris-Out!


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