Sunday, May 9, 2010

Canon of 300 Films

The A2P Cinema Canon of 300 Films is comprised of personal selections as the definitive films throughout the world of cinema. The list is not exactly of 300 greatest or even 300 favorite films of all-time, as it will be limited to the difficult task of including only one film per director. The exact ordering of the list can be taken with a grain of salt as they can easily be numbered anywhere. However, to keep the list entertaining, or at least more interesting, they will be arranged from 1 to 300.

To me, each of these films are beautiful, transcendent, and inspiring in their own unique way. As definitive favorites, these are the films I personally think of when I think about films and filmmakers. Obviously limiting one per director, as well as the fact that I most likely have some great films that unfortunately have yet to been viewed at this point, makes this list only a tentative one at best. But really that is true of all lists. They are basically meaningless or silly and do not capture the essence of any film. However, if a list has the power to recognize and celebrate these films, it can certainly be something to embrace, because all is good if they can encourage the viewing of great films… Truly one of the timeless joys of the world!


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