Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 16th Log

1960, Michael Powell, United Kingdom

Repeat Viewing, DVD

All this month I have been watching or rewatching the films from the great British filmmaking team Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. The Powell-Pressburger team ended in 1957, and shortly afterwards Powell would go on to direct the Peeping Tom. Peeping Tom is not a film for everyone. It's a disturbing film which was highly controversial upon it's release in 1960. Dealing with the uneasy subject of a psychopath who draws in women with his film camera and then records their death. Sadly, this films backlash all but ended the career of one of Britain's greatest filmmaker's Michael Powell. Powell's direction is flawless, and alone is reason enough to see the film. Right from the brilliant opening shot perspective through the lens, Peeping Tom's breathtaking photography is established. Even if the film is difficult to watch at times, it still is fascinating and hard to look away. More so then a slasher film, Peeping Tom is ultimately a character study of psychotic behavior. The images may not be as disturbing for today's standards, but Peeping Tom's impact and daring filmmaking make it an unforgettable classic from an unforgettable filmmaker.


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