Monday, April 16, 2007

April 16th Log

2006, Arin Crumley / Susan Buice, United States

1st Viewing, DVD

Avant-garde of the YouTube generation! Four Eyed Monsters is a fresh and imaginative real life recreation of the relationship between the New York filmmakers: Arin Crumley a wedding videographer and artist/waitress Susan Buice. The film documents how they met each other online. Both are lonely and creative artists looking for to avoid the “typical” romance so they meet each other and agree to avoid talking. Four Eyed Monsters offers a lot of honesty and truth while at the same time capturing the imaginative feeling of a dream. Incredibly all this is done with a simplistic touch even despite the fact the the film pulls out a variety of cinematic techniques. Ultimately the film works as a love story, and experimental project, and a documentary all at once. There is a charming romance story here but at the same time you wonder if they have feelings for each other or is it simply the process of their creativity? Perhaps it is both as the film expresses a deep feeling of understanding, and that is where the beauty of Four Eyed Monsters lies. If there is a flaw it may be the films final stretch in which it takes us through the process of the films premier. However, Four Eyed Monsters is highly original and a such a playful film that it remains a joy to watch.

2002, Paul Thomas Anderson, United States
Repeat Viewing, DVD

There is no question this is one of my favorite films of all-time!! There is so much I take from this perfect little film, but I guess essentially Punch-Drunk Love displays the power and joy of finding and falling in love against a society of pressures and of conformity. Through love, Barry finds redemption and strength to break through the repressed emotional and physical “window” he has been trapped into. Love gives him the strength to break out of this “window” and we see this towards the end as he walks out of The Mattress Man building by “breaking” through the front doors, which like the rest of the building, is made of glass. Next Barry must find Lena, redeem the mileage, play the harmonium, and “so here we go….”

>>> For those interested, I have dedicated a website to the expressive details of Punch-Drunk Love:


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