Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 16th Log

2006, Jason Matzner, United States
1st Viewing, DVD

Though Dreamland has little new to offer in terms of characterization and storyline the film is strengthen by its beautiful execution. As the title would suggest, the film has the look and feel of a dream. This is a film of feeling and of atmosphere. Dreamland suffers a bit during the last half when it instills a message and wraps up all the subplots. The opening has such a poetic and moody quality that is absolutely absorbing. I was easily taken into this lyrical world and these sincere characters as the film progressed. The final act is somewhat like a soap opera and cliched, yet first-time filmmaker Jason Matzner’s treatment of Tom Willett script is compassionate, and the first half of the film soars so high that you can easily forgive any minor flaws. There are some strong performances by the cast. Most notable is the lead performance by Agnes Bruckner, a young actress I have seen a lot of this year (The Woods and Haven being the other two big roles she had). Dreamland ahs an absorbing musical score and stunning photography and landscapes to match the dreaminess of the story, the characters, and the town. This film has the mood and beauty of a poem, and despite a forgivably flawed last act, Dreamland is an impressive filmmaking achievement.


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